Book Lover Back To school!

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Booklover back to school!

Unfortuneately, summer is has come to a close thus bringing forth the new school season. But since there is no way of stopping it (believe me, I’ve tried), we must embrace the empty hallways and crowded cafeteria and the dreaded math classroom. However, we can go back in style. BOOK STYLE.

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Welcome to my blog!

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I have decided to start a blog! Wohoo! Fun stuff! (Youtube Just wasn’t enough)

On this blog you’ll find all the things to do with books and Fandoms that I am apart of. Book reviews and news – basically everything you would see on my youtube channel IN BLOG FORMAT!

For those of you who have happened upon the site first, here is a link to my youtube channel Little Yellow Bookshop

If you want to know more about me you can visit my about page