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Hey there my name is Andreya and I am a 17 year old Booktuber, writer and Journalist located in Ontario Canada. I love books and writing and I have about 17 fictional boyfriends and i’m apart of over 100 fandom families. I am a little awkward – never been a “popular” – and have more books than friends – unless you count my subscribers who are my friends too ahhhhhhh OMG I have friends!

Get in contact with me here

Random Facts about me:
I hope to be involved with YA publishing in the future or own my own press
I love film and photography
Anything to do with fashion makes me happy
I cry over beautiful things
I am team Peeta (I WAS NEVER TEAM GALE)

I am the editor-in-chief of an online magazine, aiming to help young women build their creative portfolios: www.mimpmag.com
We accept submissions of writing, artwork, photography and film. Send submissions to mimpmag@gmail.com



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