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Hey everyone! I am so happy that summer has arrived and I can sit back and relax! That also means getting my read on and trying to tackle my endless stack of unread books! Here is my end of June slash July to be read list. There may be some modifications to the list if I read faster than I think I can – haha…I hope to add more!

1. The Kiss Of Deception by Mary E. Pearson 
I have wanted to read this book from the moment it was released and am only now getting around to beginning it. There are so many great reviews connected to this book and I always love a good fantasy. Any story with a princess is a good one. I’ve only heard of the epicness that is this book. Apparently the protagonist runs away on her wedding day (typical) and is greeted by two strangers :

I am so pumped to pick this baby up!

2. 99 Days by Katie Contugno
99 Days has been extremely hyped in the bookstagram community because of it’s gorgeous cover (which I practically drooled over) and adorable romance. I know absolutely nothing about the plot, characters or story and I intend to keep it that way until I read it. Katie has received incredible amounts of praise for her previous novel ‘How To Love‘ and that only encouraged me to push it to the top of my TBR. With that settled, let us move on!

3. EON by Alison Goodman
Fairytale retellings are literally the coolest things ever invented and I think it is safe to say that EON is [sorta kinda maybe] a retelling of Mulan. Eona is disguised as a man in order to use Dragon magic. I love dragons and magic and epic fight scenes so I am definitely looking forward to this one!

4. Amy and Rogers Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
I have become obsessed with Morgan Matson ever since I read Since You’ve Been GoneHer writing is relatable, funny, adorable and inspiring. Since you’ve been gone has changed my perspective on life and friendship and romance. I will never look at a disposable camera the same way again. So many people have told me that Amy and Roger are better than Frank and Emily – I need proof! I can’t wait to find out if they are right!

“A moving and relatable story of a girl who takes a road trip to find herself–and the guy who goes with her.”


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  1. Elizabeth says

    I read The Kiss of Deception and I love it so much. I just don’t have anyone to talk about it with.


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