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Volition | Lily Paradis 

Tate Mackenna is like a woman’s purse, pretty on the outside – but on the inside she’s a total disaster. To be perfectly honest I wouldn’t blame her. Surviving a tragic accident without her parents and having to live with a witch of a grandmother in Charleston, she is almost at the point of becoming completely broken (if that even makes sense). Acting out with her two best friends at her side, drugs and parties and graves…

I think it’s safe to  say she has reached a tipping point which she not-so gracefully falls over when her soul mate ultimately does something to have her on the next plane to New York City in need of escape.

Running from her past sends her crashing into Hayden Rockefeller. Richest family in the city? Beautiful, perfect, understanding andadorableness. He likes her, she likes him – so what’s holding her back? The one person she can’t erase from her dark mind – Jesse. Her Soul mate.

But its Totally not a love triangle – unless you count me being in love with Hayden– and totally confusing at first but it’s worth it. Volition is a story about learning to look your past right in in the face and tell it to eff off, and not being blind to the people around you who love you.

Tate is a very interesting and relatable protagonist who made me question some things about life. And that’s what a good character does right? From the upper east side feel in Gossip Girl to quoting the notebook this book is filled with awesome references from pop culture today which is what I think makes it most relatable and what makes my a super fan of Lily Paradis! Volition contains two different plot lines from different periods in Tate’s life and forces us to acknowledge her character development. When I first started reading the book I was overwhelmed with cheesiness in one plot while the other was incredibly dark – it made me want to read more to see how it is that she got into the situation that she did.

I loved the book as a whole but I do admit it’s a tad bit hard to get into at the beginning. I encourage you to give it a chance because Hayden and Tate are addicting Once you start its hard to stop. I personally could use some more of their elevator make out scenes.

Recommended age: YA and A fiction readers
Overall Rating: 8/10
Romance: 9.5/10
Plot: 6.5/10
Characters: 7/10
Fluff: 60% fluff 30%
So what happens if you don’t read this? You die. –The notebook quoted and modified again.

Thank you to Lily and Empire Books for sending the ARC to me last minute!

Go check out Lily here http://lilyparadis.com BUY LINKS: KINDLE NOOK (B&N) iBooks (Apple) PAPERBACK SIGNED PAPERBACK INTERNATIONAL PAPERBACK


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Underneath this veneer of slightly crazy and mildly socially retarded, I'm a complete disaster ~Rainbow Rowell

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