Veronica Roth + Tahereh Mafi Come To Canada! Toronto Tour Stop

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The stylish authors pose for a photo posted on Ransom Riggs’ instagram before the event.


     Veronica Roth and Tahereh Mafi just visited the Toronto tour stop yesterday October 14th. Screaming fans (including myself) filled the Chapters Queensway location. Some lining up for a wrist band as early as 11:00am. The author discussion was scheduled to begin at 7pm but that didn’t stop fangirls of the two trilogies (Divergent and Shatter me) from gathering to save a spot and make new friends. Well…I made new friends. The excitement brought us bloggers together heres a blogger I met
The wait was long and excruciating and I admit I tried to sneak into the back room to see them I was so desperate.

Their day started off with an interview on The Morning Show! Watch it here : Bz6XLc-CIAMNx0O.jpg-large

Then they did a number of other things check out Ransom’s instagram for fun pics

When they finally come out on stage the reaction might have literally cause whatever apocalyptic event occurred to create the world in the books the authors have written.

The discussion began with topics regarding their ‘writing process-ies’ as Veronica said it.
Veronica’s writing process: desperation. She has to do whatever is takes to get the writing done.
Tahereh: She has to throw herself into the mind of the protagonist and write in bursts where she is uninterrupted.

I also learned of Tahereh’s love for Gilmore Girls – which I share, but it stresses Veronica out.Bz_VrUECEAAX5Jr.jpg-large

What are their go to writing snack foods:
Tahereh: Tea, I think…does tea count as a food?
Veronica: Can you chew tea?
Tahereh: Well, no 
Veronica: That would be gross
Tahereh: Yeah I can’t eat when i’m writing – all I have to do is write
Veronica: I don’t really eat at the same time because if I walked on my treadmill desk, while typing and eating, I would choke to death.
But if she were to snack on something it would be goldfish crackers and popcorn.


Left to right: Veronica, Tahereh, Ransom, Me.

It was really awesome to know how they came up with their ideas for certain things in their books and how they agree and disagree on certain things. I like how Veronica said that you just have to accept that not everyone is the same (some people’s favourite parts are another’s reason to put the book down) and you can’t please everyone so you can’t worry so much about whether or not people are going to like your book. Because I was in the first 200 people, I had the opportunity to meet and have my books personalized by these lovely ladies. They are honestly the sweetest and most stylish women I know. It was super exciting and I must have made a complete fool out of myself! (In front of Ransom too eek!)

It was such an awesome experience – I never thought I would get a chance to meet theses amazing ladies.


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