Book Hipsters? (The pioneers of Fandom culture)

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 hipster-cartoons-pbr1    YA Book-to-movie adaptations are becoming less and less rare as they become more popular. Remember when there was only twilight and The Hunger Games? Well, now it seems every ‘New York Times Best selling’ book involving a fan base is optioned for a movie.  I’m not complaining, I love seeing my favourite books turned into a movie. What I dislike, however, is seeing adaptations being butchered by reviewers saying ‘just another hunger games unoriginal’. Most of the time – they’re wrong, in my opinion.

Nothing is original anymore – it just isn’t possible. So there are going to be elements sharing similar appearances between the adaptations. But announcing that The Maze Runner or Divergent is yet another “Hunger Games Remake” just because the cast involves teens? That just makes me want to put a butter knife in someones eye. 

Which brings me to fandom references.

But before we get into fandom references we have to, of course, discuss the idea of the fandom itself. Who is considered “officially apart of the fandom”? should not even need to be discussed. If more than two people share a similar passion for something, anything, they should be granted that right to be apart of the fandom(s) they choose.

Denying someone the right to share their love of the fandom with you – whether it be book/movie/tv show is wrong and is considered bullying.

However there is a point where I myself may draw the line. I consider myself and you might consider yourself a Book Hipster(i.e.: someone who has read the book before the movie or a significantly long period of time “before it was cool” [ex: date of release]). And then there are the people who go to watch the long anticipated movie of your favourite book without any previous knowledge of an existing book or fandom who have waited patiently for this life-changing event.

I’ll use Divergent as my example.

To tell a majorly invested fangirl that you are a ‘HUUUUGEE FANNN” of Divergent means you as well are invested in the fandom or have an intention of being in the fandom. The most heart wrenching, teeth clenching thing you could say to me is that the movie was better than the book WHEN YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK! Or that you love it because Theo James is sooooooo hot!

So you’re saying, YOU (Miss basic white girl), deserve to be Theo’s only BAE  because you saw the movie? Meanwhile, us fangirls have been over here slaving over our computers, waiting for new photos and clips for the past two years and mailing him and searching him constantly on tumblr! AND YOU can call him your ‘hubby’. No. Just no!

And you might say I’m taking this way too seriously and overreacting. But THATS WHAT WE DO IN A FANDOM! We take everything seriously! And fangirls over exaggerate everything!

Now, I in no way dislike you if you don’t share the same views or if you are one of these said basics – I just most likely won’t associate myself with you. And thats only if you insult the fandom. Never insult the fandom.

But then there are fandoms where most of their following consists of people who know nothing about the books (example: Pretty Little Liars) but thats okay because that is what the fandom is made up of.

My point is…well, just don’t try to infiltrate or upset the fandom until you’ve done your research or you actually want to be apart of the fandom.


that being said, fandom references.

If you do not understand all fandom references or do not know ‘every single thing about a fandom’ does in now way separate you from the group of like-minded people.

Like Hank Green says “WERE YOU NOT ONCE UNEDUCATED IN ALL THINGS ABOUT YOUR FANDOM!”  You were not born knowing the ‘fourtris’ ship name.

Just because someone doesn’t understand your fandom reference – doesn’t mean they aren’t a loyal fandom member or any less worthy of the fandom itself.

References can connect us together like secret inside jokes and they help create friendships. If you liked the movie adaptation so much you should at least make an attempt to read the book if you wish to truly be apart of the fandom family’s inside jokes.

Reading the book after the movie doesn’t make you a book hipster but it does still make you cool.

I honestly have no clue where on earth I was going with this! I just felt the need to rant about a few things and this isn’t remotely revised. I just hope people share the same opinions. I also hope we have differing opinions.

Am I wrong in what I am saying? Let me know…

-Drey <4




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