How to use books.

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Some people might say that Books only serve one purpose. The purpose to bring us joyous education of fiction or reality in a paper format. Well my dear friends, those people would be wrong.

See, books can be used in a variety of different ways to serve different purposes than just reading the words inscribed on the pages by the printing press – and before that, the author’s computer. Because this revelation has not yet reached every book lover/hater/owner/not owner’s brain I have put together a collection of possible (some seemingly pointless) ways in which books have the ability to be used. Note: This does not apply to ebooks for obvious reasons.
Now some people believe that collecting (*cough* hoarding) books is a waste of space and money – They think it aimless. But they only think that way due to their lack of knowledge of a book’s uses. These uninformed individuals believe that the books will just sit on the bookshelves and collect dust while looking pretty. Once again, those individuals are very wrong.

I recently posted a video on my youtube channel highlighting some of the uses for books that I put into practice myself. I have received countless amounts of wonderful feedback in the comment section and through messages and I have also acquired a few more ways to use books – after reading comments and watching similar videos. I would like to thank everyone for being super awesome and having fun with Drey [me] during my first episode of Little Blue Mug Minutes. In case you are wondering LBMM videos will be up once every month. If you have some crazy random fantastical idea for an episode that doesn’t seem to fit into a category on booktube make sure to submit your ideas on this post in the comments or you can visit my Contact page. Also if you have any pictures relating to these uses make sure to submit them via twitter or email so I can post them here for a more fun look!

So without further a due, here are the uses for books!

1. BookHat: Books make super stylish accessories because of their colourful covers and their easily-adjustible pages. I think Book Hats are all the rave this year in fall fashion and I’ve been wearing a new one each day.

2. Book Chair: You know, sometimes you’re having a party and all the chairs are taken – so you have nowhere to sit. BUT WAIT! Stack your books and create a book stool or (if you have enough books) a full-out book chair! Its quite comfy I must say…

3. BOOK-CEPTION: Sometimes your mom wants you to do your homework or your teacher wants you to read your textbook but you don’t want to. Easy! Just slip your fun YA read (book form/kobo form) or your cell phone behind the textbook AND YOU’RE HOME FREE. You will be planting the idea inside the teacher’s head that you are doing the homework [really you’re doing what you want to do #rebel]. And you can’t get in trouble because you never said you were reading the textbook. BOOM BOOKCEPTION!

4. Book Boredom: When I am bored, I sometimes like to just stare at my bookshelf. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and its quite a beautiful view, I must say. This can take up to a few hours at a time and you don’t even realize it.

4a) Also, while I am staring at my gorgeous book display, I enjoy counting all the books that I have. This provides another sense of accomplishment for my collection and if you have a ton of books it takes a ton of time.

5. Book-Coaster: Let’s just say you have a really hot mug of tea or a really cold beverage and your mom might yell at you for burning or ruining the table with condensation. Or maybe you are on your bed and you can not put down your beverage for fear of it falling over! Just put a book down and place the beverage on top! Voila book – coaster.

6. Tear Catcher: Sometimes you need something to catch your falling tears while you read a very immensely depressing book. The pages of that very book will easily soak up your salty tears and leave behind memories of your sadness.

7. Book-Pillow: There are times when you are at a sleepover and the person you are supposed to sleep beside, is snoring crazy loud. This means switching to the floor – but you don’t want to place a pillow on the floor [or your sleep buddy is hogging both] SO USE THE BOOK YOU BROUGHT WITH YOU. They are surprisingly comfy.

8. Book-Princess: If you are a Princess [like I am] you can pile your books atop your head and walk across the room as your princess training. If it doesn’t fall off YOU TOO are a princess. (Note: This would probably make a really fun game to see who could walk the furthest with the most books).

9. BOOK DOMINOS: Hardcover books are the perfect shape and size to use as dominos. Just align them as you would dominos and WATCH THE MAGIC HAPPEN! Yet another solution to face boredom.

  1. Bookweapons – Books are incredibly hard and can be used as weapons against siblings. They are great for inflicting pain on your evil little brother when he pesters you about how many subscribers you have every single morning when you wake up. Just whip the book in their general direction or hit them with it.(not too hard though – it really hurts)

11. Book-tripod: [EmdawgReads on Youtube said] ‘Lack of tripod encourages creativity’ stack your books if you don’t have a tripod and put your camera on top!

12. BOOK FAN: You might see a picture of Theo James and you can use a paper back to fan yourself down!


THAT IS HOW I USE BOOKS! Make sure to submit how you use your books to be added to this post!

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  1. You’re funny, I like your book tube and I certainly like your blog as well. I like you most of all. Stay funny and quirky and *huuuuugs*


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